Few Last-Minute Tips for Passing Your Theory Test

If you have left few things for the last minute to revise for theory test and looking for few expert tips to clear the test, then you may read this write up.

Here are few expert tips in order to clear your theory test online.

Revision tips for driving theory test

  • Scan through the entire theory test questions and revise their answers.
  • Check the questions that are not yet seen or previously answered incorrectly to ensure you can answer them.
  • Recap all the difficult topics like stopping distances, emergency vehicles, reflective studs, safety of vehicles, essential documents etc.
  • Ensure that you are passing consecutively minimum 5 mock theory tests.
  • Ensure that you have flagged off all difficult theory questions to revisit them.

What should you take during the theory test?

  • You will need the provisional driving licence to get permission to appear for the theory test. So, ensure that you know where exactly it is because new one may take about 15 days to reach you.
  • You cannot take any of your personal items into the test room like the following:
  1. Mobile phones
  2. Earphones
  3. Bags
  4. Watches

What is in your theory test?

There will be 2 parts to your theory test:

  1. Multiple-choice questions
  • Questions and duration will be 57 minutes and you will need 43 right answers to clear the test.
  1. Hazard Perception Test

Fourteen numbers of 1-minute videos and you will need 44 points to score out of 75 in order to pass.

You must clear both the parts of theory test in order to get your certificate.

Multiple-choice part is straightforward and simply gets 43 out of 50 questions correctly to pass. Few of the questions can be case study questions that will be about real-life situation that you may come across while driving.

Hazard perception test will be more interactive part, and in this section, you will be watching 14 numbers of 1-minute clips that feature minimum one developing hazard.

You have to click mouse whenever you will see hazard developing. Every hazard will carry a maximum 5 marks, and you will gain more points to spot hazards earlier!

There are few tricky questions, so make sure that you know all of them.

Hope this has served you well to guide you how to make your last-minute revision before going for driving theory test. Wish you all the best!

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