More about Bottle Service and the Need to Enjoy Such Special Services

As the term indicates, bottle service means a simple arrangement planned by entertaining clubs and bar houses to please their guests. This special arrangement is exclusively arranged for the comfort and convenience of their guests. Bottle service is becoming highly popular because of its beneficial features both enjoyed by the bar owner and their customers.

Here are the main plus points of bottle service:

  • Benefits for the customers:
    • You feel comfortable and relaxed when your chosen bottle is served to you on your table.
    • No longer you need to stand or sit in the rush place at the bar counter.
    • Best way to enjoy with your friends and dear ones.
    • Can easily entertain and celebrate the special occasion with your guests with ease.
    • Pre ordering the bottles helps in readily available of your preferred kind of drinks without being concerned about the drinks unavailability as it normally happens during rush hours.
  • Profitable points for the bar owner:
    • Your customers are quite satisfied with the VIP services favoring them to visit again.
    • It helps to entertain in well organized manner as well as help your employees to serve with ease to your clients.
    • You will be able to earn more as the exclusive bottle services is charged little high that is readily paid by customers and even you get extra income as table fee.
      • This special arrangement of providing the ordered bottles at the client’s reserved table is well appreciated enhancing your hospitality rate.

While you are thinking of entertaining your friends and dear ones in Miami clubs choosing bottle service will be the best choice. In the lovely exciting ambience of the posh clubs of Miami bottle service will be well appreciated by your guests and they will be satisfied with your thoughtful gesture. As you are helping in evading the long queues near the bar counter and taking special care to help in relaxing and enjoying their favorite drink.

Always while planning to enjoy the bottle service the first question arises to opt for the best favorable spirit to order.  Unfortunately, if you choose wrong drinks, the evening will be spoilt and moreover your money will be wasted as you will be paying surplus charges for the exclusive service.

Here are few choices of bottle service you can do:

  • Vodka – A gem of spirit as it mixes well with other flavored drinks. As it is made of distilled rye, wheat or potatoes and tastes heavenly with soda water, orange juice and even with ginger beer. A few drops of lime juice in vodka is the best cocktail you can ever taste.
  • Rum – Composed by distilling sugarcane makes it highly favorable spirit to be mixed well with cola soft drink to make it sweeter. Youngsters love to have it with fruit juice or Mountain Dew.
  • Gin – This alcoholic drink flavored by juniper berries is best to be mixed with club soda or with different juices with a dash of lemon juice.
  • Tequila – This Mexican drink can be enjoyed solo or mixed with ice chill soda water. Highly favored by people liking to drink strong alcoholic spirit.

Enjoy your favorite bottle service drinks in the most popular clubs of Miami.

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