6 Often-Overlooked Symptoms of Depression

Depression is often characterized by a feeling of hopelessness, helplessness, and prolonged sadness. This symptoms are often, easily recognizable. But, depression has many forms and not everyone who experiences depression will have these obvious symptoms. In fact, oftentimes there are many overlooked symptoms because they don’t match the stereotypical image of depression. Because these symptoms are overlooked people don’t get the chronic depression treatments that they need. Here are 6 commonly overlooked symptoms of depression.


Anger is an extremely common symptom of depression. Someone who quickly jumps to anger or has regular bouts of anger with no obvious trigger may be suffering from depression. Because it isn’t a standard symptom, many people overlook in themselves as well as others.


The feelings of hopelessness and helplessness can contribute to a highly reckless lifestyle for a person. This can include destructive behaviors like gambling, drinking, and drugs. It can also include many “daredevil” acts with dangerous sports.


An oddly common symptom of depression is physical pain that has no explanation. Constant headaches, stomach aches, and muscle soreness are some of the most common pains that depression can cause.


With depression, a person’s focus can swing one of two ways. They can either become hyper-focussed on their work or a certain activity, or they can become disinterested in any activities. Because of this, the symptom is often overlooked.


Lethargy, or a lack of energy, is a common symptom. This one is a symptom that isn’t as overlooked as the others; at least in adults. Though with teenagers, it is often overlooked or explained away as the teen being lazy.


Sleeping habits of a person with depression can change drastically. Even though a person can feel lethargic more often than not, they may find that sleep eludes them. Insomnia is a common symptom, but it is also easy to hide. Some people may not even see less sleep as a problem for a while as they notice they can get more done throughout the night. After some time passes, the person will start to show more and more symptoms and their mental and physical process can become hindered.

Each person is different and will show a unique set of symptoms. Recognizing all of the signs of depression, even the commonly overlooked symptoms can help a person start chronic depression treatments sooner and help them get their lives back to normal.

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