Future Perfect: How Technology Will Change Fashion

When people think of fashion and technology, the image that comes to mind ismost likely a futuristic garb – sharp silhouettes, bright lights, and all. While seemingly fanciful and a bit cartoonish, it’s not a far-off take from what innovative technology speakers have to say about the convergence of the 2 industries. Here’s a look at the different ways science can take an everyday wardrobe to the next level.

“Smart” Casual

These days, it’s common to see people with a “smart” gadget in hand. Cellphones and watches have become extensions of humans, virtual assistants that are always on duty. They tell wearers of where they are and how many steps they’ve taken and provide a reading of their vital signs.


These functions are now being integrated into clothes made of specially engineered electronic textiles. These pieces aren’t clunky and awkward looking – they’re breathable, stretchable, and washable, making them wearable. One example is sleepwear that absorbs body heat, keeping the clothescool and comfortable as the person rests. It also increases sleep quality and improves muscle recovery by releasing infrared light.


Another kind of smart clothing lets you be more expressive – it’s made with an app-powered fabric that changes colors and patterns based on the individual’s mood. A similar invention is a garment that responds to light, sound, and moisture.

Pocketful of Sunshine

Solar energy is often associated with panels and architecture. But, thanks to innovative technology, fashion can now be added to that list. One of the earliest products that the industry released was a necklace that featured palm-sized solar panels that lit up adjacent tiny LED bulbs.

Since then, scientists have developed thin, flexible, light-weight, and water-resistant solar cells that can be seamlessly sewn to basics, like shirts and jackets. These clothes can even double as a power bank for handheld devices.

Captain Undies

Self-cleaning undergarments are another interesting creation. Inspired by astronauts (since they can’t wash clothes in space), these pieces can be worn for days at a time. The nylon intimates are infused with silver, a material that kills 99.9% of bacteria. Aside from their antimicrobial properties, they can also regulate body temperature.

This innovation comes with other benefits. For one, users get to conserve water and energy since the item cleans itself. Also, this feature makes it handy for long drives and flights (and space trips, of course).

Those are just some wearable innovations that you can look forward to. If you’re on the brink of creating groundbreaking fashion items and need a little more inspiration, listen to the ideas of innovative technology speakers.

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