Outline to Help You Start a Business in Memphis

Entrepreneurs choose Tennessee because of its strategic geographical location. It is in direct proximity to chief shipping routes. Memphis has become a great location, where people choose to live and work. It is because of its central Mid-south location, unparalleled lifestyle and a strong economy that attracts talents.

Business opportunities in Memphis cannot be missed because the cost of operating is low, the tech community is increasing, offers a professional business regulatory setting and great infrastructure including Memphis International Airport and interstate highways.

Attributes that will attract millennial and Memphis business investments include housing affordability, good life quality, great education facilities and commitment from elected leaders to consistently take steps towards development. Another aspect that attracts the young generation is the Memphis vibe & soul.

Outline to start a business in Memphis

Business ideas to start with

  • The first step is to brainstorm business ideas.
  • Choose something you are passionate about.
  • Focus on your skills.
  • If there is demand for the kind of business you choose to start, do thorough research.
  • You need to find out if there are sufficient customers to share with competitors and succeed.

Choose a business that genuinely plays to your strengths.

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Smart business plan

Business, marketing, and financial planning are very important. You will need to answer the questions when you cover the topics like –

  • Vision – How you desire your business to look in 2 to 5 years?
  • Mission – What is the purpose and reasons for starting this business?
  • Goals – How your goals will get measured?
  • Strategies – What makes your product unique? How will you develop the business?
  • Start-up capital – How much start-up capital will be needed to launch the business?
  • Expected costs – What ongoing expenses do you estimate instantly after the launch?
  • Desired revenue – What are your expectations about the monthly revenue of your business after launch or in 3 months?
  • Action plan – What specific tasks need to be completed now and what are the future milestones? How will you accomplish those milestones to fulfill your goals?

A business plan allows you to take immediate action and move forward.

Company registration & Tax ID number

Registering as LLC [Limited Liability Company] will help to improve your credibility. It even protects you from personal liability. It is easy to set and manage LLCs, as superior tax breaks are provided in comparison.

Tax laws associated with sales tax will be needed to open a business bank account and for workers’ compensation coverage [if you hire more than five employees].

Open Business bank account

You will need a business bank account if you need to hire employees. It is also a good way to simplify accounting.

Permits & licenses

Obtain the necessary licenses and permits to start your new business in Memphis. Ensure to adhere to the local, state, and federal government regulations.

Business insurance

Investing in business insurance allows managing the risks and you can pay attention to growing your business. Professional and general liability insurance policy has to be considered.


Create an influencing brand experience, which attracts consumer loyalty. Consider the core values, which escalate your business appeal. Incorporate the aspects that make your business stand out in your marketing strategy.

Promote business online

Introduce your business online and be active. Web presence offers you wide exposure and a strategic approach like online content marketing can open new doors towards success.

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