The Best Programs for Your Child

Introduction to the school and the programs

Worried about your child’s early education? The unique child-centered learning programs offered by Phillips Brooks School located at Menlo Park with its neighbor Stanford university are the best that your child can be offered. Here at Phillips Brooks School, the building has been structured precisely according to what the child might need with several multi-purpose structures, play areas, and classroom buildings. Phillips Brooks School has a very small student to teacher ratios allowing an excellent relationship between the student and the teacher. Furthermore, these child-centered learning programs consist of a very diverse student and teacher community with children and teachers coming from nearly each and every community. So, your child won’t be left out in any case possible.

Affiliated and unique

Here at Phillips Brooks School, we believe in kindness, courage, community, love, and learning. Phillips Brooks School, with its child-centered learning programs, has been accredited by the California Association of Independent Schools and is in affiliation with the National Association of Independent Schools.

 EBS Program

One of the Programs is the Early Learning Centre or ELC Program. The learning center is a self-contained area inside the PBS campus consisting of 15 student classrooms, three qualified lead teachers, four associate teachers, and three classrooms. It also consists of play areas inside the ELC area. It further has the preschool program with one class and the pre-kindergarten program with two classrooms. This program involves the child in all aspects of life and is the best for his social and mental grooming. This program is not all about learning maths or English, this is about each and every learning that a child requires to be it social, emotional, or cognitive. The program also involves the child in project-based work as these skills are essential in the later stages of life and instill confidence in the individual.

 Kindergarten Program

The second program is the kindergarten program, which consists of 2 teachers(1 lead and one associate) for each of the two classrooms. The kindergarten program has its own self contained building and is one of our best. It makes use of the already developed skills from the ELC and further improves them by involving the child in a workplace environment along with providing lab-based homework with labs placed inside the school. Arts or music or languages, you name it, all the facilities are provided inside the school, and these child-centered learning programs are entirely focused on providing all of these to the child

 Beyond Kindergarten

The third program is the Beyond Kindergarten Program, which runs from the 1st to 5th grade. If you get your child admitted to the EBS and the Kindergarten program, you won’t be needing any application for the 1st to 5th-grade program as it will be done automatically by us. One thing you can be sure about is that all of these programs are the best your child could have and that you can trust the school for helping to secure your child’s future.

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