Indoor Party Ideas When the Weather Is Cold

Fall and Winter make it hard to have a birthday party outside. Don’t worry, though! You can have just as much fun inside when outside gets too cold for comfort.


Whether it’s a birthday party or an intimate gathering, a theme can go a long way to help create a feeling of cohesiveness and purpose to a celebration. It can help you narrow down choices for decorations and inspire your creativity as well.

Some ideas for themes are:

  • Specific Era (20s, 70s, 80s)
  • Favorite Characters (movies, TV, superheroes)
  • Style Genre (western, lumberjack, Parisian)
  • Sports (football, golf, hockey)
  • Hobbies (poker, board games)
  • Travel (Italian, Japanese, Hawaiian)
  • Food (wine and cheese, soup and sandwich)

Having a beach-themed or summer-themed party in the winter can be a fun way to beat the cool-climate blues. Tropical-themed snacks, beach chairs, and summer music playing can provide a fun and temporary escape from undesirable winter temperatures.


Another way to keep a party lively and entertaining when you have to be indoors is to think about what kind of activities you’d like to do. This could be playing tabletop games or cards or having a trivia night for some friendly competition. For added intrigue and suspense, you could have a mystery night where everyone participates as a group to solve a fictitious crime.

Some other indoor activities could be having an art-themed or craft party, where guests complete a piece of artwork to take home, a baking party where everyone swaps recipes and treats, or a spa party complete with face masks, manicures, and aromatherapy. Just leverage the activity that your attendees would most enjoy, and go with that.


If you’re short on time and energy, you can host your shindig at a special location where you don’t have to worry about a theme and can enjoy the ambiance and activities that come included with a purchased package at the venue. A bowling alley party is a fun idea for active and competitive types, or a music hall, museum, or art gallery are great locations for a more relaxed atmosphere. A favorite restaurant, pub, or vineyard can be a fun place to reconnect with friends and enjoy good food and drinks.

For a kid’s birthday event, a swimming pool, arcade, bouncing gym, or bowling alley party in Smyrna, TN are great ways to have fun and burn off some excess energy inside when it’s too cold to be outside.

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