Sit Back, Relax and Have Endless Fun by Chartering A Yacht for Your Next Vacation

We all love to relive our best memories as we grow older – A memory that gets us too excited every single time. That’s exactly how a yacht holiday would make us feel. There are plenty of options for vacations available like hotels, villas, beach resorts etc. If you looking for a truly unique experience your best bet would be a yacht vacation.

There is something magical about yachts. With no other people around, you’ll have a blast with your family/ friends? After the sun set, you can dive in the waters for a swim or enjoy your champagne at peace. Even if you don’t hold a boating license, you can charter a yacht with a skipper who knows the waters well.

Want more convincing to take a Yacht vacation?

Serene get-away: If you want to opt for somewhere peaceful away from traffic and the touristy crowd of cruise ships and resorts, yacht vacation is ideal. For Sydney yacht hire, contact Champagne Sailing Sydney. Check out their different packages available. You could also plan private charters for special occasions like Birthday, Christmas party or Hen’s Night.

Vacations are about fun: The important part of any trip is the fun factor and sailing gives endless fun. It would be an exhilarating experience watching the waves from the yacht deck or following your yacht with water skis.

Flexible itinerary:  You can explore stuff at your own pace. You don’t have to follow a pre-fixed schedule as in with cruise ships. If your kid wants more time at the beach or you prefer to do more snorkelling, you can do so as you wish and sail away later.

Go wherever you want: Be it island hopping, exploring nature reserves or visiting port cities, yachts give you the freedom to explore any place at your convenience which is not the case with hotel stays.

Dreamy offbeat locations: You get access to places which can’t be easily reached by land. During island hoping you would get to explore little hidden coves, white sand beaches with the dreamiest landscape.

Excellent service: A crewed yacht makes your vacation more relaxing. You’ll be accompanied by a captain and a ship who are locals of the area. They would pamper you with great food and cocktails. They will offer recommendation on the best beaches and watering holes.

Water toys: Are you a thrill-seeker who loves spending time in the sea? Yachts have water toys to keep your day exciting. One can never get bored at sea. Paddle boats serve as your morning workout, jet skis allow unlimited fun, a floating trampoline to jump on or you could slide down into the waters from the top deck.

The one thing many hate about beaches is getting covered with wet sand after a great time there. With a yacht at your disposal, you don’t have to deal with sticky sand. You can just hop into your yacht without sand exfoliation.

Vacation on a private yacht is whatever you want it to be – calm, laidback or glamorous. It is a journey to a carefree paradise.

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