Top Uses for PTFE Tubing

PTFE tubing has a lot of usage in everyday things that we rarely, if ever, consider. Things such as your HVAC or air conditioning unit, which use a specific kind of PTFE tubing designed to hold up under conditions that see a great range of heat and cold fluctuations. Labs may require the type of PTFE tubing that can hold up against harsh chemicals. PTFE tubing is very flexible, which has given it high demand across numerous industries. Here are some top uses for PTFE tubing. Contact a PTFE tubing supplier.

In Automobiles

When in use, a car creates a lot of heat. Often, you won’t notice this, as it’s a normal function in order for the car to run, and doesn’t mean anything is wrong, unless your car is overheating. However, the high levels of heat generated by the engine is normal. This is one of the reasons your car has a temperature gauge. In order to function the way it should, without incidence, your car needs the right material that can hold up under the high levels of heat produced by the transmission and engine. PTFE tubing can provide great insulation for wire harnesses. It can be used for fluid tubing and fuel hoses. Also, since it can also hold up well under cold temperatures, it could often be used in the cooling systems of your engine.

In Catheters and Medical IV’s

Due to its biocompatibility, PTFE tubing is very beneficially used in the medical field. If you have had an IV during a hospital visit, then that IV tubing most likely consisted of PTFE tubing. The same applies for a catheter. If you’ve gotten a catheter, the lining of the catheter IDs were probably made of PTFE plastic. Some other medical devices, which use PTFE are ventilators, gloves, earpieces, aprons, and more. This also includes many parts of the doctor’s devices for human body biochemical analysis.

In Aircraft

Using the right, quality materials in an aircraft, can be a life or death situation. Miscalculations, omissions, and mistakes can risk lives, time, and money. PTFE tubing is often used in aircraft for reasons similar to why they are used in vehicles. Not only is it good for extreme heat and cold situations, but it can also be used in the protection of cables and wires. PTFE tubing is not flammable. It can also withstand a lot of pressure, which is yet another reason it’s being used for wrapping wires and cables.

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