What to Look for While Hiring A Professional Tree Service?

When it comes to tending to your trees, it is always advisable to hire a professional tree service than to do it yourself. Be it tree removal or an arborist’s report or any other kind of tree work, hiring an expert in the field would be your best bet.


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It is better to have a fair idea about what to expect from a professional tree service crew before you hire one.  The following are some points that may help for the same –

  • When you call the service company, they should be patient enough to listen to why you want their services. They should also be willing to explain in detail as to how they can help resolve your problem.
  • The first step would be to visit the site by the experts.
  • If a professional has been called for general upkeep of the trees such as trimming and pruning, they should explain they plan to do it and enquire as to how much to trim, before starting the work.
  • The arrival time of the tree service team and tentative completion time should be conveyed clearly. Also, you should take into account what type of preparedness they expect from you.
  •  If you need their services to find out whether the tree is healthy or not, you should explain your concerns to the professional. For example, if you have been noticing tree rotting signs or symptoms of diseases. If your tree is damaged an arborist (also known as a tree surgeon) can give you a long-term diagnosis of the tree.
  • Upon examining the tree, they should be able to advice about the possibility of saving a tree. Furthermore, they should even suggest if it would be economical to save it or not. In both the cases they will explain how the tree would be tended to in order to improve its condition or conversely how the tree, if dead, can be hazardous towards the life and property around it.
  • Coming to price, there should be total transparency about the charges levied on each work before starting the work. Especially, if the service providers would be charging extra for the cleaning up of the area where they might have removed a tree. If so, then how much would the extra charges amount to?
  • Other things that the service company might inquire about are if there would be enough parking space for their truck as well as other vehicles, they would be using for their tree services.


On completion of the work, your lawn or yard should look as neat as before and in fact even better. Such should be the quality of work.

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