Everything You Should Know about Rectangle Linen Canopy Chandelier

As the name suggests it is a simple chandelier without any decorative embellishments that usually most of the gorgeous chandeliers possess. However, rectangle linen canopy chandeliers have versatile usage and are known to transform a boring dark room to look bright and elegant.

In early days, before the invention of electric fans, people used a rectangle canopy hanged from the ceiling using cotton cord or jute rope. The same idea has been applied to design this kind of rectangular shaped chandelier hence the classic look of it lures people to live like their ancestors. The rectangle chandelier is available in various sizes and make, however the most popular one is the canopy attached chandelier.

Now, more about rectangle chandelier:

You have guessed it right, the shape of the chandelier is rectangle thus it is popularly known by that name. This kind of lighting fixture are mainly used in vast space or any kind of room requiring bright illuminating appliances. Gone are the days when only artistic chandelier made of crystals, exclusive glasses or designed with other fancy material. In present times, people prefer eco-friendly material to use thus rectangle chandelier styled with using canopy material is the trendsetter. Even interior decorators love to have such chandelier in their décor projects at home and commercial buildings.

Why gradually rectangle canopy chandeliers are becoming quite famous?

  • They are easy to make and hence can be easily customized. You don’t have to wait long as expert makers of chandeliers will provide you in few days.
  • Helps to create allure of brightness in a cost-effective mode. You aren’t spending a lot as the quality frame, lights and the canopy cost less than any decorative chandelier.
  • Your guests looking at the chandelier will be spell bound as they would have never imagined a canopy providing an effective brightness in the room.
  • Creates natural rustic effect. Yes, some chandeliers of canopy create a classic ambiance in the room. You just need to add some bamboo furniture or garden furniture to sit comfortably to fully complete the old traditional allure of the room.
  • They can be easily maintained unlike other chandeliers. You can even remove the canopy to wash and fix again. Hence, easy maintenance is one of the factors that make it popular to fix in the meeting rooms.

Most of the canopy chandeliers are hanged using durable strong jute rope. Thus, helps in providing the vintage look. This kind of chandeliers are famous in old traditional homes, from houses and cottages in midst of forest sanctuaries. In working area this kind of chandelier is famous because it illuminates the room and creates an atmosphere that is bright enough to work amiably.

You can make your own canopy rectangular chandelier. You can design the canopy in an artistic way suiting the modern décor of your living or work space. Otherwise, when you have set your mind to buy this kind of chandelier don’t forget to visit online shop Sofary. There are ample varieties of rectangle chandeliers all equally gorgeous and best to provide brightness in any dark corners of the room.

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