Importance of Counseling for Couples with Addiction

Often it has been seen that if any one partner is addicted then eventually the couple may end up becoming addicted and, in such conditions, couple counseling can be very effective, that can solve not only various relationship issues but also addiction.

Couples rehabs also take the services of counsellor who can counsel the couple, but often both partners may be confused and even feel offended with the suggestion of a counsellor.

Following are few important ways that counselling can really help not only in recovering from their addiction but also can help in improving the relationships between the couple.

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By recognizing that their partner also need support

Often the relationship problems are given low priority when the couple are focusing exclusively on their addiction, but it is also important to know that their partner need relationship support too.

Although there are support groups available in most of the rehab centers who can help, and counsel various relationship problems that can help partners to uncover certain new source of support. They also coach couples to become more mutually supportive.

By knowing the behavior that caused addiction in a relationship

Addiction can often be a relationship problem. Partner who is non-addicted may enable the addiction inadvertently, and as both partners become addicted, it becomes more difficult for them to quit.

When a partner follows certain behavior, the addiction will continue. Counseling can help both the partners to be aware of all the behavior that initiated addiction, so that they can break from such pattern.

By helping couples to work over their emotional issues

Often there are few serious life events that may induce couples to take refuge under addiction to alcohol or drugs. Pregnancy or loss of pregnancy may need lots of emotional adjustments.

Couples counseling may help couples resolve their various emotional issues that arise due to their relationship problems in healthy ways, instead of addicted partners making unsuccessful attempts with their addictive behavior to cope, while another partner remains isolated and unsupported.

By identifying and providing solutions for problems arising from addiction

By counseling various relationship issues will help couples to recognize and solve their problems related to addiction itself.

Few problems that can come up due to addiction are legal problems arising from drug, alcohol, sex addiction or financial problems, arising due to gambling, drug and shopping addictions. Also, health problems because of food, alcohol or drug problems etc.

Often couples may remain in denial mode about their relationship problems, but counseling can fix all those problems.

By repairing and resolving all relationship problems

Repairing the damage in a relationship is the most important help that such couples counseling can offer to a couple who are affected by addiction.

Though they may have very difficult time to acknowledge and admit to their relationship problems, the greatest healing will come from couples working through all their relationship issues together.

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