Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Smoke Marijuana

Smoking weed or smoking marijuana whatever you want to call, it sounds so much fun and excitement. However, this is not just that. It sure has some risks and social impact associated with it. However, if you get to know few things about it and follow some good rules, it may not be as scary or bad as it sounds.


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Some tips on smoking marijuana, both for first timers and for seasoned smokers


  1. Never do it alone, be with your buddies – It is always more fun with your friends and also it is way too safe when you do it with your friends. This is why it is always recommended that you never get high on drugs when you are all by yourself.


  1. Stay cool – It is common for some first timers to feel nervous about it when you try marijuana for the first time. It sometimes becomes an unpleasant experience and you will probably be reminded of it every-time you want to try it again. This stress is never good.


  1. Always you should try to relax and have a cool attitude before your smoke.


  1. Chill with your favourite music or your comedy show – It is believed that the mood in which you start smoking your weed will be the same and enhanced after you do it. Therefore, make sure you start this on a positive note.


  1. Stock up food, a whole lot of it – Generally, people tend to become very hungry after they have had the smoke. Your gang many not be in the mood or condition to go get food after you are all high. Besides you are not supposed to drive and it is advisable to restrain yourself from going out in public. So, stock up your food.


  1. Keep eye drops ready – Some, I repeat, only some of them get a red eye after smoking up. However, it is best to keep it handy just in case you are going to need it.


  1. Take it slow – It always is a good idea to start small and gradually increase the dosage slowly. This makes sure that you do not get overdosed and help you have a pleasant experience.


Trying to smoke weed for the first time? Or maybe you are a regular, still keep these tips in mind and follow these to have an enjoyable trouble-free experience. It is always good to be safe than to be sorry.

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