Methadone Harm Reduction Tactic for Quitting Heroin

Often methadone can be used effectively for treating people who are addicted to opioid use in general and heroin addiction in particular. Methadone is also well known as an effective pain killer.

Most of the rehab centers as per the drug rehab directory also use methadone for reducing withdrawal symptoms of heroin addiction. It can help in preventing euphoria and also reduce the perception of pain.

Why use methadone?

Methadone as such will not stop your opioid addiction, but it will be used as substitute for heroin. Those who take methadone will still remain addicted to opioids physically, because methadone will block opioid receptors in our brain which are normally blocked by heroin.

Therefore, it can stop craving that many people generally feel for heroin, due to taking it at very large doses for very long time and will prevent people from feeling ill due to heroin withdrawal.

To deal with the underlying problems

Since methadone can only work on physical level for blocking out pain, craving and unpleasant feelings, it will only treat partially the heroin addiction.

In fact, methadone will not help in addressing the main cause of its underlying condition that the addicted person may have, although it will be able to flatten the emotion.

It will not really address the main causes of various negative feelings that the person may be experiencing, like fear, shame, anger or regret etc.

Hence, it is important if you really decide to consume methadone, then you can also find way to address your various emotions in longer term that may also underlie your addiction.

You can do this in several ways – one most common method of addressing your various emotional problems will be by joining in treatment program, after you have stabilized yourself on methadone, and since your life now is no more chaotic and reasonably settled.

There can be many different therapeutic approaches that have been developed for treating the psychological symptoms due to addiction, which also includes cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, emotion-focused therapy and couples therapy.

Such treatment can always be provided on individual basis like one to one therapy sessions along with any expert mental health professional.

Also, it can be done in groups where few numbers of people are all in similar stage of their treatment. There are many effective programs for treatment available which may include both individual as well as group therapy.

Such treatments can also be provided either as an outpatient, live-in, day program or any residential treatment program.

There is another problem which can underlie such heroin addiction will be about few untreated mental illnesses. This kind of common mental health problems may include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Attention deficit disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

All these conditions can be treated through different medication, psychotherapy, or combination of both of them and can always improve greatly the well-being of those people who are using heroin, and also their ability of coping without using drugs.

You may discuss with your doctor how he can help with right prescription to treat you. Also, remember that methadone may help in controlling your physical side of addiction, but for complete recovery you may still need support.

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