Google Ads or Facebook Ads – Which is Better for Your Business

Nowadays, Google ads and Facebook ads are the biggest paid media players in the market. Many businesses are advertising about their products and services on both the Google ads and the Facebook ads to achieve the maximum profit and visibility, increase the sales, and reach out to the maximum audiences.

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Advantages of using Google ads

Google is the world’s most widely used search engine. Google Ads is an online advertising program established by Google that permits you to create online advertisements to get in touch with your audiences interested in buying the products and services offered by you.

The Google ads program is based on PPC advertising i.e pay per click which means the advertisers have to pay each time the ad is being clicked. Pay per click (PPC) is an online advertising model used to engage traffic on the website.

  • Google Ads engages A Larger Audience For Your Business Or Brand

You can display your ads by using keywords and phrases relevant to your products and services so that more customers can easily reach out to you.

  • Google Ads Are Faster Than SEO

This is the biggest advantage of using Google Ads as the Google ads program is faster and more effective than SEO (search engine optimization). It helps you to grow and expand your business, increase your sales as it is one of the best search engine marketing strategies to engage more traffic on your website in a short duration of time, unlike SEO.

Advantages of using Facebook ads

There are billions and trillion of people who use Facebook every day. Facebook is the most browsed social media networking site. By placing your targeted ad on the platform you can easily reach out to the maximum number of people who want to buy your products or services. Honestly, there are multiple benefits you can reap by using Facebook ads.

  • You Can Easily and effortlessly Find New Leads With Facebook Ads

Once you find the perfect audience to buying your products and services, you can easily reach out to the other people similar to them by Facebook’s new feature named “lookalike audiences”. This feature permits you to customize your audience and finds similar people who are interested in buying your products.

  • Your audience spends most of their time on Facebook

It has been shown that 80% of all internet users use Facebook. Facebook has millions of users that use to check their page multiple times in a day. So in this way you can reach out to a larger audience and also Facebook is the cheapest platform for advertising. By spending just $5 you can reach out to thousands of people.


In a nutshell, both Google and Facebook can be highly efficient and highly productive in the online marketing of your goods and services.

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